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July 31, 2019, by XR EXPRESS TW

In response to global development trends, XR industry cross-domain startup companies are booming.

XR EXPRESS Taiwan startups recommendations.

Since AR/VR technologies emerged to become the focal point of international markets in 2016, corporates and entrepreneurs alike are optimistic about the business potential of such developments and therefore committed substantial investments on the subject.

The XR EXPRESS Taiwan industry brand leads Taiwan's XR (AR/VR/MR) new team to connect with global markets and to promote the image of Taiwan's XR new industry.

In the past year, we have accumulated tutoring more than 100 startup companies, developing 130 million overseas business opportunities and continue to explore and cultivate the startups who have potential in Taiwan, hope to create a favorable ecosystem for startups to flourish XR EXPRESS Taiwan in this issue, select several startups that are explosive in professional technology and business development and recommend it to you.


Speed ​​3D Inc. has the exclusive technical ability to create "programmable 3D content" with its own patents, integrating brand marketing, art, and technology with their AI identification systems. It is the only certified AR technology partner with Facebook in Taiwan. PiSquare significantly reduces the time consumption to create and modify the animation process, and it can increase the flexibility of its process and minimize hardware setup costs. PiSquare’s technology has been adopted by animation companies who worked on the movies Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy. Red Pill has enhanced the motion capture technology with Artificial Intelligence and has been adopted by South Korean TV station KBS and built a joint venture with the Japanese film company "Toei Animation". is using their 3D technology to accurately represent its organizational layering and microstructure for complex human body structure. It provides a comprehensive medically accurate anatomical system that complements preoperative planning to improve medical quality. It is also very useful for medical education. In addition to cooperating with many hospitals in Taiwan, it is currently collaborating with Columbia University Medical School.

Chairman of Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR) Cori Shieh stated “As the XR industry is expected to reach a total value of US$80 billion by 2025, it is one of the most productive digital economy applications to come. More than 70% of the components and core technologies of the relevant hardware are dominated by Taiwanese companies, which makes XR a vital opportunity for Taiwan's hardware and software industries to move toward the future digital society. With more support to XR startups and attention to the industry trend, we are looking forward to more investment in research and development that empowers the players to aggressively explore the global markets. I look forward to seeing Taiwanese industries and companies taking advantage of it and growing stronger.”

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