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The Google Maps of Human Body

Main Product / BodyMap. Digital Twin

Fundraising / Pre-A round

Target Client / Medical school, Hospital, Wellness Center

Target Market / China, America

Company Introduction

Dedicated to building medical precise images of human body, we reconstruct 2D MRI/CT into 3D environment through Virtual Reality. In the medical education side, BodyMap gives it a way to let students observe vivid human anatomy layer-by-layer in a simulation world to enhance visual memory. In the surgical side, Digital Twin can offer customized service of medical record to Health Center and Medical Center which make Doctors easily cooperate with each other and get efficiency visual communication with their patient.

Product & Technology


1. Enhance visual memory and understand the complexity of human body through interactive training with virtual avatar

2. Discover potential interaction and relation in pathology through conduction pathways

3. Integrated acupuncture simulation for pain relief training

Digital Twin:

1. Generate patient's digital avatar in 30 seconds

2. Faciliate shared decision making between doctor and patient

3. Expandable features for many other clinical simulations

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