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Production in Real-time

Main Product / PiStage

Fundraising / Angel round

Target Client / Animation Studio, Filmmaker, XR developer, Game developer, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), TV production

Target Market / Brands marketing , campaiAsia, America, Europegns

Company Introduction

PiSquare is dedicated to providing innovative interactive computer graphics technologies.

The benefits of our toolset and pipeline include:

  •  Optimized image quality and rendering speed;

  •  Minimized cost for hardware installation;

  •  Maximized authoring efficiency and editing flexibility.

With these strengths, we are able to provide our customers high-value services for previs,animation production and VR/AR content creation.

Product & Technology

PiStage is real-time production solution that harnesses game engine technology to deliver 1000x faster rendering speed with 90% cheaper hardware cost. The main features are:


1. Asset Converter & Scene Packer: Converts assets, scenes and animations from Maya into Unreal Engine contents painlessly.

2. Maya to Unreal Viewport Syncing: Animators, light operators, camera operators and FX artists can see the final result instantly while editing scenes. This feature is also great for making 3D live shows.

3. Renderer: Render Beauty, Alpha, Depth, Ambient Occlusion and Normal passes at a resolution up to 8K. Includes limited support of Maya Render Layers.

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