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XR EXPRESS Taiwan startups recommendations
The Google Maps of Human Body is using their 3D technology to accurately represent its organizational layering and microstructure for complex human body structure. It provides a comprehensive medically accurate anatomical system that complements preoperative planning to improve medical quality. It is also very useful for medical education. In addition to cooperating with many hospitals in Taiwan, it is currently collaborating with Columbia University Medical School.

Production in Real-time

PiSquare significantly reduces the time consumption to create and modify the animation process, and it can increase the flexibility of its process and minimize hardware setup costs. It has been adopted by US Sony Interactive Entertainment and international animation companies such as Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy. And it officially signed a Japan Distribution Agreement with ELSA Japan at the end of June this year and continued to develop in the Japanese market.

Main Product : Red Pill Live, Red Pill Unreal Version, Red Pill Vcam, Red Pill

Red Pill uses the fewest sensors to track the motions, and it has enhanced the motion capture technology with Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the use of animated characters, it can also be utilized for live interactive events, live streaming, TV news, concerts and other large-scale events for both online and offline, It has been selected as a national accelerator for Korea's K-Startup Grand Challenge and has been invested. Also, it has been adopted by South Korean TV station KBS and built a joint venture with the Japanese film company "Toei Animation".

PICBOT | Makes the World Smile 

Speed 3D Inc. has the exclusive technical ability to create "programmable 3D content" with its own patents, integrating brand marketing, art, and technology with their AI identification systems. It is the only certified AR technology partner with Facebook in Taiwan.

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