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PICBOT | Makes the World Smile 

Main Product / Picbot

Fundraising / Angel round / 1M USD

Target Client / Brands marketing, campaigns

Target Market / Asia, America, Europe

Company Introduction

Speed 3D Inc. is a foremost pioneer in Augmented Reality (AR) application, well known for our professional techniques in creating sophisticated 3D content. In 2017, we began devoting ourselves to the AR field, providing cross-platform services known as: Interactive AR Ads. Through integrating social media and AI facial recognition on technique platforms, we combine traditional brand marketing concepts with various art technologies to create infinite possibilities for the interactive marketing. After noticing our outstanding skills in “Programmable 3D Content”, Facebook selected us to be approved as their certified AR Technical Collaborator from Taiwan.

Product & Technology



1. Augmented Reality Content Driven Photo Booth Software

2. Interactive Motion Controlled Fun

3. Creates Memories You Can Capture, Print, & Share

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